b. 1922 Saarbrücken, Germany
d. 2016 Saarbrücken, Germany






Marianne Bumb trained as a textile designer and studied stage design and costume at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Later she took lessons in drawing and painting in Saarbrücken with Jakob Schug and stone sculpture with C. J. Steilen.

In 1954 Marianne Bumb founded a fashion studio in Saarbrücken, which developed into a clothing factory, and trained as a master tailor. In 1959 she and her husband converted the clothing factory into a hotel, the Hotel am Triller, which still exists today.

Throughout her life Marianne Bumb drew and painted in all situations. Especially before falling asleep, the pictures very quickly came into being as automatic drawings without conscious intention. She had the feeling that she was not designing her own pictures, but that they were given to her by supernatural powers. As she often missed the meaning of the designs, on the backs of many drawings she noted, often formulated as a question, what might be appearing.

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