b. 1922, Brno, Czechoslovakia
d. 1995, Brno, Czech Republic




KKportKarel Kožíšek graduated from a textile school and became a textile merchant. Since a very young age he always had great interest in art. He started painting at the age of about 30, when he became a student of his uncle, Professor František Myslivec from the School of Arts and Crafts in Brno. Kožíšek developed into a landscape painter, but he did not find artistic fulfillment in this activity.

A turning point in his life was his introduction to the occult. He noticed that he had a special sensitivity in using a pendulum and a divining rod. Thus, he began to study subtle energies intensively and discovered that the different effects of works of art on the onlooker were also due to such subtle energetic processes. He worked hard to detach himself from the learned ways of drawing and painting and gave himself completely to automatic drawing. Kožíšek understood automatic drawing as an art form guided by subtle energies. He made these drawings in one go without stopping and used automatic drawing to diagnose people's illnesses by drawing the astral bodies of patients.

As Kožíšek had great success in paranormal diagnosis of diseases, he cooperated for many years with the Psychotronics Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, in Prague. Kožíšek developed a deep faith in God and Jesus Christ and also made automatic drawings with esoteric references to historical events and persons.



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Tajemství automatické kresby (The Secret of the Automatic Drawing) broadcasted in the Czech Television (2008) (4:26 - 8:18).


Možnosti psychotroniky (The Possibilities of Psychotronics) (1990) (23:20 - 26:45).



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