b. before 1860, Hamburg, Germany
d. 1928, Hamburg, Germany






The mediumistic drawings presented here were all executed in August and September 1922. They come from the hand of Hannchen Helene Marie Brakhan, the wife of a Hamburg architect. She created automatic drawings in the 1920s under spiritualist influence. Of her life and her mediumistic activity, nothing else is known but a brief communication in the February 1925 issue of the journal Psychische Studien, where she is mentioned as a "drawing medium of plant-like ornaments".

On the back of the ornamental pencil drawings, the medium's spirit guide signs with the words “Auf Wiedersehen” (“goodbye”) in large characters. Apparently from another hand was noted: "2nd master". These works are typical floral ornament-like structures frequently encountered in mediumistic artistic productions.



2020 Parliament of Plants, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, 9/6/2020/ – 1/17/2021
2019 Plants of the Soul: Floral Fantasies between Symbolism and Outsider Art. Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany, 31/03 – 04/08/2019



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