b. 1910, Montfort-en-Chalosse, France
d. 1989, Bordeaux, France





RLportAs a child, Raphaël Lonné was asthmatic and extremely sensitive. The parents were simple tenants. At the age of 12 he left school and worked as a concierge, chauffeur, conductor, maintenance technician in a children's hospital and finally as a city postman. At the age of 27 he became interested in poetry and music.

During the war, he hid in farms to avoid compulsory labor. In 1946 he became an assistant postman in Biscarosse until he retired. His colleagues nicknamed him "Poet".

After attending spiritualist meetings at his neighbor in 1950, he discovered his ability to produce mediumistic drawings in a trance-like state. Raphaël Lonné was convinced that he was blessed with supernatural powers and his hand guided by spirits. He devoted all his free time to mediumistic drawing and painting. Lonné filled the sheets with strange shadowy, seemingly organic structures piled up like stage sets, which are made up of plant-like, human, animal shapes and fantastic creatures. In making his drawings, he always proceeded in the same way: From left to right and line by line from top to bottom, as if he were writing.

Lonné himself saw his art as some kind of "graphic poetry". Jean Dubuffet got to know his work in 1963. In Lonné he recognized an outstanding representative of Art Brut and bought hundreds of drawings from him.





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