b. 1948, Spain






Gemma portr1Born in Spain, Gemma (pseudonym) has lived in France since the age of fifteen. At a young age, she was a sleepwalker and frequently experienced paranormal phenomena and sometimes had premonitory dreams. In waking visions, she foresaw the death of her father and an aunt, as well as the car accident of an uncle.

At the age of 36 she was the focus person of a poltergeist case in her house in France. The most peculiar phenomena occurred around her: doors opened and closed by themselves, carpets moved, books disappeared and reappeared in other places, mysterious scribbles emerged everywhere in the house, and much more.

The poltergeist phenomena only came to an end when she spontaneously began to draw automatically, driven by an invisible power. The first drawings are characterized by powerful gestural movements that reflects the intensity of the emotion involved. Gradually she seemed to be able to channel the paranormal forces that emanated from her through her creative mediumistic work. She made weird and humorous drawings with emerging facial formations typical of mediumistic art, which on the one hand were an outlet for her mental tensions, but at the same time represent highly autonomous artistic creations.

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Bender, Hans, "Spuk im Elsaß," Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie, 26, 1984, pp. 65–80.

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