b. 1926, Göpfritz, Austria
d. 2014, Vienna, Austria






ex portEberhard Exel was an Austrian customs officer. At the same time, he trained as painter as a private pupil with Robin Christian Andersen and as a ceramicist with Gustinus Ambrosi and Leopold Anzengruber.

He reported having unusually vivid dreams, in which he thought he had lived in a distant era, for example in the lands of the Sumerians. He also remembered a past existence as a Dolphin. These experiences led him to study ancient cultures and religions, the secret and esoteric knowledge and he was especially keen on astrology.

Exel's mediumistic drawing is an example of a transitory anomalous experience. Before he began his artistic training, Exel spontaneously experienced an altered state of consciousness in which he had the feeling that his hand was controlled by a foreign influence. He created a portrait of an old man in the style of Renaissance art. This work was stylistically very different from anything he had drawn or painted before. Even later he never created a similar work again. Exel was firmly convinced that he had lived through an exceptional experience, in which Albrecht Dürer or another master of Renaissance art had drawn through him.




2009 Im Fadenkreuz der Gestirne. Höhere Lehranstalt für Umwelt und Wirtschaft, Yspertal, Austria. 11/26/2009 – 12/31/2009.
2009 Ausstellungsbrücke. St. Pölten, Austria. 6/24/2009 – 8/2/2009
2000 Bilder und keramische Plastik, 7/5/2000 – 8/22/2000, Foyer ORF, Vienna, Austria.
1991 Blau-Gelbe Viertelsgalerie, Zwettl, Austria, 4/19/1991 – 5/05/1991
1989 Heimatmuseum Waidhofen/Thaya, Austria, 9/23/1989 – 10/8/1989
1984 Palmenhaus Gmünd, Austria, 8/31/1984 – 9/16/1984
1981 Finanzamt für Gebühren und Verkehrssteuern, Wien, 11/23/1981 – 12/12/1981



Exel, Eberhard: Feuervogel: Ein Bildtagebuch. St.Pölten (self-published), 1985.

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