b. 1856, Copenhagen, Denmark
d. 1920, Vadstena, Sweden








Not much is known about Dagmar Nyström's life. In 1882 she married the Swedish sculptor Gustaf Alfred Nyström (1844-1897), who had studied in Munich and Rome and then lived for a while in Denmark. Around 1890, the family moved to Sweden. There she met Huldine Beamish (1836-1892), the founder of the Spiritualist Edelweiss Society. A friendship developed between the two women and Dagmar became a founding member of the Edelweiss Society.

In the Edelweiss Society she developed into a drawing medium. Her characteristic drawings show flower blossoms, mostly edelweiss, bound in spiral wreaths that form sweeping ornaments, sometimes reminiscent of letters. Some of her drawings can be found in a sketchbook that was mainly used by De Fem, the group of five women around Hilma af Klint (1862-1944), when they were members of the Edelweiss Society. This sketchbook is now held by the Hilma af Klint Foundation.

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